Mitt Romney Heading Overseas, Tackles Foreign Policy Concerns

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is about to head off on his first overseas trip since clinching the spot to go against Obama in November.

According to a new USA Today/Gallup poll, Americans trust the current president more when it comes to foreign policy issues. 52% said he is a better choice when it comes to those issues.

It certainly makes sense. After all, Obama is the one who most people directly associate with the killing of Osama bin Laden. However, he has also had his fair share of international debacles, including his handling of the conflict in Syria and his administration’s mixed messaging in territories where citizens are oppressed.

But at least Obama’s foreign policy stance is a known quantity. Romney’s experience in politics exists strictly on a national level, as the governor of Massachusetts. He did work on a global scale the likes of which most presidents never do during the Salt Lake City winter Olympics several years ago.

But that is more like running a company than a country, making it the perfect analog to the biggest problem Romney faces in this campaign cycle.

So the Romney camp hopes he can pick up some steam during this international trip, where he’ll visit England, Israel, and Poland. The tour is being called Romney’s “learn and listen” trip.

It’s very possible he could turn the tide on this issue. After all, when the USA Today/Gallup poll only looked at registered voters, Obama had just a 4 percentage point lead over Romney.

Via USA Today

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