Chris Christie Devoted To 2013 Re-Election

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has gotten a lot of attention in this presidential election cycle, but rather than play the Sarah Palin card and try to capitalize on that attention for his own financial gain, Christie is determined to keep things going as a public official in Trenton, NJ. reports that GOP sources have confirmed Christie will definitely seek a new term when his gubernatorial position goes back to the polls next year.

That is, of course, assuming Christie is not Romney’s choice for vice president, something that analysts like to punt around as a possibility but one that few seem to throw any significant weight under.

The more likely rumor floating about is that Christie will be flagged down by Fox News. His outspoken, tell-it-like-it-his attitude would be great fodder for the cable network but it would require abandoning the state where he has already done so much.

Democrats are reportedly hoping that Christie will get out of the state regardless of the reason, because as long as there is a strong and sensible Republican making waves, the leftists won’t like it.

Clearly, though, Christie feels comfortable as governor and he isn’t one to go back on his words.

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