Bill Clinton To Be Front & Center At DNC

The last Democrat to win a presidential re-election in the US will be the one who ceremoniously places Barack Obama’s name into the nomination for the party’s choice as the candidate in November. This is obviously just a formality since Obama wasn’t really contested in the primary process.

While the symbolism of the last two-term Democrat president makes infinite sense, the decision to use Clinton could potentially be more about generating a high turnout.

There has been some belief that the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina might be a bit underwhelmed by the number of party supporters who show up. This is due to a general lack of enthusiasm in the election not only on the Democrat side but also the Republican side.

For the Republicans, though, there is at least strong enthusiasm since this is their election to win. Many on the other side of the spectrum think Obama might be a shoo-in and as such there is no need to be overtly enthusiastic.

One other point is that as the DNC approaches and there has been no further discussion about Obama potentially choosing a new running mate, is that it seems Joe Biden will be on the ticket again this time around.

But what’s weird about Clinton’s invitation to speak is that Obama doesn’t exactly have an extremely chummy relationship with the ex-president. So it could be an awkward exchange.

Via Daily Political

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