Chris Christie Says VP Choice Not A Make-Or-Break Deal

A lot of eyes remain on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the potentiality that he might be (or already have been) tapped as Mitt Romney’s presidential running mate. The two would make an odd couple for sure, but it doesn’t seem like they’re in for four years of satire fodder.

During a recent news conference, Christie was once again pelted with questions about his potential VP candidacy. He told reporters, “I’m not the candidate.”

“Governor Romney has said the most important quality is that the vice president be ready to be president on day one,” he added.

The only real problem with a VP candidate is that they can screw up a campaign, as was the case with Sarah Palin.

But as Christie points out, “No one’s saying ‘I’m not sure about this Obama guy but, boy, I love Biden.'” He blamed all of the attention he’s received on the fact that it’s a slow time for news right now.

Christie’s strong rhetoric about him not being interested in the position and Obama never contacting him has died out in recent weeks, but it’s still hard to get a tell on him as to whether or not there have been behind-closed-doors discussions.

“In the end nobody votes for vice president. No matter who Governor Romney picks they’re not voting for him,” Christie said.

Via PolitickerNJ

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