Barack Obama Sues Ohio Over Early Voting

Barack Obama has found time in his busy schedule to file a lawsuit against the state of Ohio, in an effort to prevent a law from going into effect that would allow military voters to cast absentee ballots later than the rest of the state’s citizens.

Last year, Ohio passed a series of laws that many see as being aimed at lowering the number of minority voters who cast ballots.

Specifically at issue is the fact that in 2004, voters were able to go to the local election office and cast absentee ballots up until the day before the election. Basically, if you didn’t want to brave the crowds on Election Day, you could just go to the Board of Elections a day or so before.

Analysts say this caused a swell in votes for Obama because African American churches sent busloads of its members to the Board of Election to vote on the Sunday before.

And as a result, the Republican-led legislature moved back absentee voting deadlines to the preceding Friday. But that conflicted with another law that set special voting allowances for members of the military.

So now Ohio is working to pass a law that amends early voting such that military voters can still cast a ballot through the old Monday deadline, but no one else.

Obama sees that as being unconstitutional, while the Republicans say there are laws that give special voting rights to members of the armed forces.

Ohio is the key battleground state. Both sides are doing whatever they can to get an edge.

Via Washington Post

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