Miami Reeling From Weekend Voting Nightmare

Miami residents are outraged after some spent as much as eight hours in line to cast an early ballot for Tuesday’s presidential election. Miami has become of the hotbeds of controversy for early voting. The numbers show that many of Barack Obama’s electoral votes came from his supporters participating in early voting.

In some states, like Ohio, rival John McCain actually garnered more votes on the actual day of the election but because of very strong and organized early voting efforts, Obama ended up being the winner. Because of this, many states and cities with Republican leaders have changed the laws to cut back on early voting opportunities.

One such case is Miami, Florida. Instead of a generous 14-day span in which to cast early ballots, voters now only have eight, and according to the newly enacted laws, people were not supposed to be able to cast early ballots yesterday. Nevertheless, at Miami-Dade election department headquarters allows people to come in and vote. As soon as the mayor found out, he shut it down, which resulted in hundreds of people — many of whom had already been waiting for hours outside — being turned away. Some even had their cars towed.

Lawyers who specialize in the very niche field of election law always start salivating at around this time every four years, and the Miami case is one that will no doubt be taken into consideration. Among the other election issues this year is the expansion of voter ID laws, which critics claim is a way to disenfranchise people who don’t have the money to get an official state ID.

Via Miami New Times

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