Romney Will Campaign Tomorrow In OH, PA

Although millions of people will have already cast their vote, Mitt Romney’s ground game is still going to be active into the day tomorrow, with stops scheduled in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“Look, we have one job left, and that’s to make sure that on Election Day, we make certain that everybody that’s qualified to vote gets out to vote,” Romney said during a campaign rally today.

A victory in Pennsylvania would be incredible for Romney, but he really has his eyes set on Ohio, just like Obama does. Earlier today, both candidates were campaigning in the Buckeye State just a few miles apart from one another.

Ohio is always a key target in presidential campaigns, in part because it is a microcosm of the entire country. It isn’t just about the fact that there are a lot of swing voters and because the state carries a nice prize of 18 electoral votes.

It is more about the fact that Ohio does truly represent the entire country, with cities like Columbus (which is home to many Fortune 500 companies and also has offices of some of the major financial institutions) very representative of big cities throughout the country, and rural areas acting like states in the middle of the country.

So the reason that Ohio’s choice usually ends up being the country’s choice isn’t just because of the close electoral race but because of the true barometer that Ohio holds. The state has correctly chosen the winning candidate more times than any other state, by far.

Via Washington Post

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