Obama Makes Last-Minute "Revenge" Gaffe

As the election moves into the “just hours away” category, Barack Obama is faced with a gaffe he made at one of his most recent campaign events. During an off-script remark, he encouraged voters to use their vote as a means of “revenge.” While many are still scratching their heads trying to figure out exactly what that means, Mitt Romney is pouncing on it as an opportunity to show he is the less vengeful candidate, saying that voting should be about “love of country,” not revenge.

Obama’s comments came during a rally when his supporters started booing after Obama mentioned Romney’s name. Obama said, “Don’t boo, vote.” He then followed that up by exclaiming, “Voting is the best revenge.”

Romney is also using that sound bite in robocalls to voters in battleground states. It is definitely a good comment to pounce on because it doesn’t sound very American whatsoever.

The weird thing, though, is trying to figure out what Obama even meant by that comment. Why an incumbent president would talk about voting for revenge is a very odd strategy. That would be a better talking point if you were trying to unseat the current man in office. That is, if you were disappointed with the current administration, you might have a reason to say that voting for the new guy is a way of getting “revenge.”

So it was just a weird gaffe, and one that is getting a lot of traction especially on the Republican platforms. We’ll see if it ends up having an impact on tomorrow’s election.

Via Huffington Post

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