Obama Defeats All Pundit Estimates

Well, it is official. Barack Obama has been re-elected, marking the third president in a row to serve for the full two terms. This is the longest run of two-term presidencies in modern history. But what’s more noteworthy is how Obama’s victory surpassed even what many Democrats were predicting.

With more than 300 electoral votes, the only people whose words managed to ring true were the close advisers to Obama, who are obviously biased and will say whatever they need to in order to energize the party’s electorate.

So how did it happen? First of all, Hurricane Sandy last week was an October surprise like no other. It forced all news attention away from the campaign at a time when Romney was surging in the polls. It also gave Obama a chance to appear presidential and he even garnered the praise of Republican governor Chris Christie from New Jersey.

Beyond that, though, there is the issue of the Electoral College. Obama barely squeaked victories in many swing states – states that could have easily also gone to Romney. So while it may look impressive to see Obama with more than 300 electoral votes next to Romney’s 200 or so, the real story is that Obama won by a margin of just two percentage points in the popular vote.

Had those couple percentage points shifted in the other direction, it would have been a very different story this morning.

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