Warrior Princess Lucy Lawless describes trespass ruling as a victory

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – On-screen victories may be nothing new for “Xena: Warrior Princess,” but for actor, Lucy Lawless, the 120 hours community service sentence and $547 fine imposed by a New Zealand judge on Thursday, was a “great victory.”

Lawless, who starred in the Starz network series, “Spartacus,” along with seven other Greenpeace warriors, had all pleaded guilty to trespass charges, stemming from a February 2012 incident. The group was protesting oil exploration in the Arctic, when they climbed a drilling tower onboard the Noble Discoverer, which was sailing toward the Arctic Ocean.

Reports said that Lawless spent four days on the 174-foot tower, where she camped and blogged about the experience. The protest delayed the ship’s mission for a short time. The Noble Discoverer was chartered by Shell Todd Oil Services. The company asked the court for $545,000 in restitution from the group. Attorneys for the protesters argued that the amount requested was excessive.

While the judge’s ruling takes care of the sentence details in the criminal case, the oil company still has the option of seeking civil remedies. The environmental activist organization, Greenpeace, has obtained more than 2 million signatures on a petition seeking to make the Arctic a nature sanctuary that would prohibit oil exploration.


Via the Associated Press on Yahoo News.

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