Twin brothers from India jailed in Singapore for pimping

Singapore, June 12 — Two men from India, who are twin brothers, have been sentenced to jail by a court here for working as pimps.

Raman and Lakashmanan Selvaraj, 26, were sentenced to a three-and-a-half month jail term for working as pimps for a vice syndicate in the Geylang area of this city-state, The Straits Times reported Wednesday.

The brothers, who had pleaded guilty to the charge June 3, had hoped for a fine but were shocked on hearing the jail sentence.

According to the report, Lakashmanan had arrived in Singapore in October last year and was met by Balamurugan Selvam Paneer, who ran a vice ring that exploited women from India.

Lakashmanan started buying food for prostitutes and collected their earnings, which he handed over to Balamurugan.

Balamurugan would then deduct the expenses and send the rest of the collections to the vice ring’s boss who is based in India.


Source: IANS

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