Downpours leave 14 dead, several missing in China

Beijing, July 1 — At least 14 people were killed while several others went missing following heavy rainfall that caused flooding and landslide in various regions across China, authorities said Sunday.

Torrential rains and hail that suddenly lashed Erdos city in China’s Inner Mongolia region, Sunday afternoon killed at least eight people and left another missing, reported Xinhua citing government sources said.

In Anhui province, four people died and as many buried under houses that collapsed due to flooding Sunday, local authorities said.

The floods that hit Huangshan city have also left two people missing, according to a statement from the city’s flood control centre.

In Sichuan province, flooding and landslides triggered by torrential rain killed two people and left five others missing.

Search and rescue efforts are under way to reach those who are missing.


Source: IANS

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