Muslim Brotherhood chief vows sacrifice to defend Morsi

Cairo, July 6 ā€” Mohamed Badie, the chief or general guide of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, has vowed that he and millions of supporters of Mohamed Morsi would sacrifice their lives and “souls” for the ousted president.

“We will sacrifice our souls for him,” Xinhua quoted Badie as telling supporters during a sit-in at Rabia al-Adawiya Square in Nasr City, Cairo.

“We and these millions will remain at all squares across the country to protect our elected president,” the general guide said.

Media reports earlier said Badie was arrested by security forces, but his appearance at Friday’s demonstration showed otherwise.

“Our president is Mohamed Morsi and we will not accept any alternative. We will carry him on our shoulders and sacrifice our lives for him,” Badie said.

“The military coup is invalid,” Badei said.

“The army protects the thugs of the former regime’s ruling party and preserves the counter-revolution,” he said.

The Muslim Brotherhood chief criticised the approval to Morsi’s ouster by the Grand Imam of Islamic institution Al-Azhar and the head of Orthodox Church. He said they were not representatives of the Muslims and the Copts.

“We have only one elected president and one Shura Council,” Badie said, referring to the Islamist-dominated upper house of parliament that was dismantled by newly-appointed interim president Adli Mansour.

On Friday, three people were killed and dozens injured outside the Republican Guards House in Cairo, where Morsi is reportedly under house arrest.

Millions of Morsi supporters flooded the streets and public squares across Egypt to voice support for the ousted president and demand his return.


Source: IANS

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