Saudi Arabia backs Egypt, criticises international community

Riyadh, Aug 24 — Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Andulaziz Al-Saud has condemned the ongoing political turmoil in Egypt and urged Muslim nations to stand by the country. Riyadh has said it will never allow Egypt to be destablised.

“We have followed with deep sorrow the events taking place in our second homeland, the brotherly Arab Republic of Egypt. The events only please the enemies of Egypt’s stability and security and its people, but at the same time pain all those who love Egypt and care for its stability and unity which are, today, targets for all evil wishers.

“This attempt to unsettle Egypt’s unity and stability – carried out by the ignorant, the inadvertent, or the mindful of the enemies’ design – will, God willing, be fruitless,” the king said in a statement.

King Abdullah also urged Muslim nations to stand united in facing attempts to destabilise Egypt.

“The people of Egypt and the Arab and Muslim nations, the honorable Ulema, intellectuals, writers, and all sensible people to stand united with one heart in facing attempts to destabilise a country which historically has always been at the forefront of Arab and Muslim nations. Honorable people should not maintain silence on and be heedless of what is going on,” he said.

Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, said his country is concerned about the political turmoil in Egypt and said Saudi Arabia will never allow Egypt to be destabilised.

The prince, backing Egypt’s military-led government, said the opinions of people should be expressed in a non-violent way.

The minister explained that what is happening in Egypt is nothing but terrorism which does not intend goodness for it and it must be confronted with all force and firmness.

“They (protestors) sat in the squares of Egypt, paralysed the movement of life, amassed weapons and ammunition, used women and children as human shields, which conflicts the peacefulness of the sit-ins and is incompatible with the freedom of expression and human rights,” he said.

Al-Faisal praised the efforts taken by the Egyptian government to clear the sit-ins across Egypt.

“Despite the large sit-ins, praise should be paid to the works by the Egyptian government and its ability to clear them in a short record time with the lowest number of damages,” the minister said.

Al-Faisal said the international position on Egypt is negative and is contrary to their attitude towards the events in Syria.

“Where is the concern for human rights and the sanctity of blood and carnage that takes place every day in Syria. The international community adheres to human rights as required by its interests and whims,” he said.

He also demanded non-interference in the internal affairs of Egypt and that this matter should be left to its people and leadership.


Source: IANS

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