360° Coverage : Egypt's historical artifacts in peril as unrest continues

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Egypt's historical artifacts in peril as unrest continues
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Egypt's historical artifacts in peril as unrest continues

Aug 26 2013, 3:06am CDT | by IANS

Cairo, Aug 26 (IANS) The ongoing political turmoil in Egypt has jeopardised the country's priceless historical artifacts.

Cairo, Aug 26 — The ongoing political turmoil in Egypt has jeopardised the country's priceless historical artifacts. In one of the biggest looting incidents the world has even seen, over 1,000...

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1 year ago

Egypt's historical artifacts in peril as unrest continues

Aug 26 2013, 3:06am CDT | by IANS

Cairo, Aug 26 (IANS) The ongoing political turmoil in Egypt has jeopardised the country's priceless historical artifacts.

Cairo, Aug 26 — The ongoing political turmoil in Egypt has jeopardised the country's priceless historical artifacts.

In one of the biggest looting incidents the world has even seen, over 1,000 artifacts were stolen from the Malawi museum in central Minya Aug 14, Xinhua reported.

A security vacuum was created after Islamist president Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the military in early July. The situation worsened when clashes erupted between troops and Morsi's loyalists Aug 14 after the dispersal of two pro-Morsi sit-ins in the country.

The looters, taking advantage of the hap, burnt the museum and destroyed a number of mummies and statues that were too huge to be carried away.

"I wonder why didn't the government take some necessary measures to protect museums during the expected turmoil," said Mohamed el-Kahlawy, professor of archaeology and Islamic culture at Cairo University.

El-Kahlawy accused the government of gross negligence that left many museums and archaeological sites vulnerable.

"They should have at least evacuated valuable pieces from museums and tightened security around those sites," he said.

During the Malawi museum theft, one employee was killed, while other security guards ran for their lives.

"No one denies the humble security measures in the museum, but what had happened there was unprecedented and unexpected," said Shadia Mahmoud, head of the international cooperation department at the ministry of antiquities.

"But what the museum could do is limited.

"The biggest problem is the large number of illegal diggings across the country where unregistered pieces can easily find their way into international markets. What's more, there were frequent attacks on archaeological sites with the purposes of building houses, cemeteries or for agricultural production," Shadia said.

It is impossible to control those diggings. The only solution will be spreading awareness among people about the value of those artifacts, Shadia added.

Mahmoud agreed that great efforts should be exerted both from the Egyptian government and the international organisations although they seem to be reluctant to offer practical help. UNESCO remained silent for several days after the incident.

The Malawi Museum was not the only victim of the recent unrest. A number of churches -- some centuries-old, were also burnt or looted, and the ancient Egyptian royal necropolis of Dahshur was subjected to a failed attempt of encroachment.


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13 hours ago

Obama covered Muslim Brotherhood tracks to Benghazi

Sep 15 2014 7:24pm CDT | Source: WND

Almost immediately following the Benghazi attack, the Obama administration possessed information indicating some Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood participation in the assault, yet the Obama administration kept this critical piece of information from the public, reveals a new book, “The Real Benghazi Story,” by New York Times bestselling author Aaron Klein. The attack took place less than two months before the November 2012 presidential el ...
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17 hours ago

Egyptian Academic: Jews Must Return 'Treasures' Stolen during Biblical Exodus to Egypt

Sep 15 2014 3:09pm CDT | Source: Big Government

Egyptian political scientist Ammar Ali Hassan is demanding that the world's Jewish population contribute to returning to Egypt "the treasures they stole from us," with interest, during the Biblical exodus led by Moses. In an interview with Egypt's Channel 1 in July, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute and posted by The Jerusalem Post, Hassan alleged that the world ...
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18 hours ago

The Best Way the U.S. Can Help Fight ISIL Is Staying Out

Sep 15 2014 2:08pm CDT | Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

When president Obama repeated what has become a ritual for every president since George Bush the Elder and from the White House announced a new war on Iraq, the question that should have come to everyone's mind is, "exactly what Middle East success story gives the US both the credentials and credibility to intervene there?" Decent people around the world are revolted by the cruelty shown by ISIL -- not just the sophistic ...
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1 week ago

Report: Islamic State Training Muslim Brotherhood Arm in Sinai

Sep 6 2014 2:11pm CDT | Source: Big Government

A senior commander from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood-connected jihadi group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (ABM) spoke with Reuters about how the Islamic State has helped train its terror outfit and organize its operations. “They teach us how to carry out operations. We communicate through the internet,” the commander said of his group’s communication with the Islamic State. “They don’t give us weapons or fighters. But they ...
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2 weeks ago

Egypt Strikes Jihadis After Decapitation Video

Sep 1 2014 1:49pm CDT | Source: Big Government

Within just days of a video surfacing showing ?the decapitation of four Egyptian nationals, the Cairo government took decisive military action and killed the leader of the Jihadist group alleged to have been responsible .  Several sources have reported that on Sunday, August 30, Egyptian forces carried out two successful operations against Islamist militants in Sinai. In Al Arish, a city on the northern coast of Sinai, members of a joint police-military action killed Fayez ...
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2 weeks ago

Egypt Investigates Morsi for Revealing Troop Positions to Qatar, Muslim Brotherhood

Aug 28 2014 3:18pm CDT | Source: Big Government

The Egyptian government has commenced an official investigation into the activities of its former president, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi, who allegedly sent the government of Qatar “documents relevant to national security,” Egyptian state news network MENA reports. Morsi has been brought up on multiple charges stemming from his reign as president of Egypt. He is facing charges which could possibly result in a death sentence. MENA said Morsi ...
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2 weeks ago

Hamas using GPS-guided mortars from Russia

Aug 27 2014 7:31pm CDT | Source: WND

TEL AVIV – In the week leading up to Tuesday’s cease-fire announcement, Hamas deployed an alarming new weapon: Russian-manufactured mortars with accurate GPS capabilities. Senior Egyptian security officials say Hamas purchased the precision mortars from rebels who looted Muammar Gadhafi’s reserves after the Libyan strongman was toppled by a U.S.-NATO campaign in 2011. The rebels also reportedly acquired thousands of shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles, or MANPADS, said to be capab ...
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3 weeks ago

Monkey Cage: Why Egypt’s military orchestrated a massacre

Aug 22 2014 12:41pm CDT | Source: Post Politics: - The Washington Post

The Rabaa massacre of Aug. 14, 2013, was Egypt’s Tiananmen Square. Egyptian security forces killed at least 817 people on a single day at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square alone, and more than 1,000 when including the number of casualties across Egypt. It was the biggest mass killing of civilians in modern Egyptian history. The butchery did not take place under the cover of darkness, or in a remote corner of the country, but in broad dayli ...
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3 weeks ago

Egypt, Cuba, Iran, Russia Use Ferguson to Attack US 'Human Rights Record'

Aug 20 2014 11:23am CDT | Source: Big Government

A sad array of failed states, quasi-failed states, and successful tyrannies have boldly come out against the United States for law enforcement action taken to curb violent looters and rioters in Ferguson, Missouri. The list includes such iconic human rights defenders as Cuba, Iran, China, and Russia. The Wall Street Journal reports that a number of publications in these countries--as well as senior government officials--have reacted to the Ferguson riots by s ...
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3 weeks ago

Senior Fatah Source: Qatar Pushed Hamas to Break Ceasefire

Aug 20 2014 9:18am CDT | Source: Big Government

Why did the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas suddenly break down on Tuesday, even before its expiration? Why would Hamas, in the middle of negotiations and without pretense of provocation, fire rocket barrages against Israel? According to Israel National News, "A senior member of Palestnian [sic] Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction said Wednesday Hamas's choice to forego the Egyptian truce ...
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