360° Coverage : Iran to offer three-stage proposal for nuke talks

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Iran to offer three-stage proposal for nuke talks
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Iran to offer three-stage proposal for nuke talks

Oct 12 2013, 5:06pm CDT | by IANS

Tehran, Oct 13 (IANS) Iran will put forward a three-stage proposal in the upcoming Geneva nuclear talks with the world powers, media reported Saturday.

Tehran, Oct 13 — Iran will put forward a three-stage proposal in the upcoming Geneva nuclear talks with the world powers, media reported Saturday. The proposal package, if agreed upon at the first...

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Iran to offer three-stage proposal for nuke talks

Oct 12 2013, 5:06pm CDT | by IANS

Tehran, Oct 13 (IANS) Iran will put forward a three-stage proposal in the upcoming Geneva nuclear talks with the world powers, media reported Saturday.

Tehran, Oct 13 — Iran will put forward a three-stage proposal in the upcoming Geneva nuclear talks with the world powers, media reported Saturday.

The proposal package, if agreed upon at the first stage, will automatically commit the other party to "the recognition of the uranium enrichment right on Iran's soil" as the objective of the negotiations, Xinhua reported citing a report by semi-official ISNA news agency.

The package also encompasses mutual steps in the course of negotiations so that the finality can be reached, according to the report.

"The Iranian officials believe that, without any agreement on the first stage, the continuation of the negotiations will be very difficult and probably impossible."

The P5+1 group, which includes the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany, will resume talks with Iran on its controversial nuclear programme in Geneva Oct 15-16.

On Friday, Press TV reported that Iran would attend the upcoming nuclear talks in Geneva with new proposals.

Media outlets reported Wednesday that Iran is preparing a package of proposals to halt production of 20 percent enriched uranium, a key demand of the US and other global powers.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the package includes "limits on the numbers of centrifuges operating, enrichment amounts and the need for verification".

Tehran in return will request that the US and European Union begin scaling back sanctions, said the report.

On the day, sources close to the Iranian nuclear negotiating team said Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif will be present in the negotiations only if other parties are represented by their foreign ministers, according to Press TV.

In case the meeting is not held at the foreign ministers level, the deputy of Iran's foreign minister for legal and international affairs, Abbas Araqchi, will lead Iran's negotiating team, semi-official Mehr news agency reported Friday.

Senior Iranian lawmaker Esmail Kowsari Saturday reiterated Iran's official stance that the right to uranium enrichment inside Iran is non-negotiable in the upcoming nuclear discussions with world powers.

Iran's Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said the forthcoming negotiations between Iran and six major world powers on the country's nuclear programme should aim to build trust in order to yield results.

"The negotiations will lead to positive results if they are aimed at building confidence based on international regulations," Larijani was quoted as saying by the Press TV after a tour to three European countries.

The Iranian speaker expressed hope that the P5+1 group would show "seriousness and wisdom" in the upcoming nuclear talks with Iran.

He asked them to abide by international regulations and pursue the negotiations within a "specific framework".

Iranian political analyst Sadeq Zibakalam said the upcoming talks between Iran and the P5+1 in Geneva will likely yield "promising results" as the time is ripe for finding a way to resolve Iran's nuclear issue, the official IRNA news agency reported.

Zibakalam, also a professor at the University of Tehran, told IRNA that if the Geneva talks lead to breaking the nuclear stalemate, it would be regarded as a big success for Iran.


Source: IANS


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