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380 people arrested for Moscow riot
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380 people arrested for Moscow riot

Oct 14 2013, 4:02am CDT | by IANS

Moscow, Oct 14 (IANS) More than 380 people were arrested Sunday following a riot triggered by the slaying of a Russian man by a migrant in the southern part of the Russian capital earlier in the week.

Moscow, Oct 14 — More than 380 people were arrested Sunday following a riot triggered by the slaying of a Russian man by a migrant in the southern part of the Russian capital earlier in the week....

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380 people arrested for Moscow riot

Oct 14 2013, 4:02am CDT | by IANS

Moscow, Oct 14 (IANS) More than 380 people were arrested Sunday following a riot triggered by the slaying of a Russian man by a migrant in the southern part of the Russian capital earlier in the week.

Moscow, Oct 14 — More than 380 people were arrested Sunday following a riot triggered by the slaying of a Russian man by a migrant in the southern part of the Russian capital earlier in the week.

Some 400 angry demonstrators, mostly in their 20s or 30s, stormed into a vegetable store in a shopping center in the district of Biryulyovo in search of the migrant, Xinhua reported citing local media.

Police said, in all, about 1,000 people were involved in the riot.

Yegor Shcherbakov, 25, was fatally stabbed Wednesday night by an alleged Caucasian or central Asian man, who fled the scene.

Local residents took to the streets Saturday and Sunday, demanding justice and accusing authorities of covering up the crime and tolerating illegal immigration in the area.

The demonstration went violent Sunday afternoon when a group of young men smashed windows in a shopping centre and set it on fire.

A YouTube video showed several men chanting nationalist slogans as they forced their way into the shopping centre.

After several people were detained, some aggressive demonstrators clashed with riot police and stormed the vegetable store where many migrants are employed.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin ordered the setting up of an emergency response centre to handle the situation.

The Moscow department of the Russian interior ministry held an emergency meeting on the situation in Biryulyovo.

Russia's Public Chamber, the country's top consulting panel of national agencies and officials, also established a working group to monitor the situation.

Police said that they had contained the riot and that five officers were injured during clashes with demonstrators.

Meanwhile, the city of Moscow was also put on high alert following the riot.

Live footage from Russia-24 TV channel showed that the entrance to the Manezhnaya Square outside the Kremlin complex in downtown Moscow was closed and the square was cordoned off.

Police also blocked the main street in Biryulyovo and launched massive ID checks.

The Investigative Committee, Russia's top investigative agency, is looking into the case after Moscow Mayor Sobyanin ordered an investigation into the murder.

Foreigners in Moscow were advised against going to public places in the city.

The Council of Muftis of Russia has urged young people of all faiths to stop the violence.


Source: IANS


2 hours ago

[Ticker] Fifa defends plan to hold 2018 football cup in Russia

Oct 29 2014 3:25am CDT | Source: EUobserver.com

Fifa chief Blatter, in Moscow Tuesday unveiling the logo for Russia's 2018 World Cup, criticised calls to boycott the event. He told RT: "We are not in politics. We are in sports". A World Cup 2018 map projected onto the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow s ...
Source: EUobserver.com   Full article at: EUobserver.com


1 day ago

U.S. Embassy in Moscow faces Cold War-era harassment

Oct 27 2014 11:19am CDT | Source: WND

(ABCNEWS.GO) — One American diplomat’s tires were slashed. Another’s personal email was hacked. Still others reported mysterious break-ins. The incidents are all signs, U.S. officials and experts said, that aggressive, Soviet-era counterintelligence tactics are back in fashion in Russia. The number of incidents targeting American diplomats in Moscow has increased in recent years to levels not seen since the Cold War, offici ...
Source: WND  Full article at: WND


4 days ago

EDITORIAL: Prohibitionists at the U.N.

Oct 24 2014 6:29pm CDT | Source: washingtontimes

The world, or a good part of it, struggles to cope with Ebola, and the United Nations continues to be obsessed by tobacco. The World Health Organization, meeting in Moscow, came up with a treaty imposing a global tax on cigarettes and delega ...
Source: washingtontimes   Full article at: washingtontimes


4 days ago

Putin accuses U.S. of damaging world order

Oct 24 2014 1:18pm CDT | Source: WND

(Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States on Friday of endangering global security by imposing a “unilateral diktat” on the rest of the world and shifted blame for the Ukraine crisis onto the West. In a 40-minute diatribe against the West that was reminiscent of the Cold War and underlined the depth of the rift between Moscow and the West, Putin also denied trying to rebuild the Soviet empire at the expense of Russia’s neighbors. “We did not start this,” Putin told ...
Source: WND  Full article at: WND


4 days ago

Report: Iran and Russia Join Forces against ISIS in Iraq

Oct 24 2014 11:48am CDT | Source: Big Government

The governments of Iran and Russia have announced a joint effort to enhance their military operations against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). Militaries from both countries will be working with Iraqi commanders. “Over 60 military experts from Russia and Iran created a joint operations headquarters in the Al Rasheed Hotel in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad,” said a report handed to an Iranian news agency. According to RFERL: The unnamed Iraqi sources went on to say that more than 60 Russian a ...
Source: Big Government   Full article at: Big Government


4 days ago

The Russians Aren't Marching, The Russians Aren't Marching!

Oct 24 2014 11:39am CDT | Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

The municipal authorities in Moscow this week denied the right to free assembly to a group of Russian ultranationalists who organize the annual (deep) soul-searching extravaganza known as "The Russian March." "Senseless and merciless," the Russian March usually covers multiple cities, delivering the greatest spectacle of all in Moscow, where else, as the capital shakes and wiggles under the feet of thousands of moderate, radical, or confused Starbucks-drinking, McDona ...
Source: Politics - The Huffington Post   Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post


5 days ago

Merkel criticises Putin for broken promise on Ukraine

Oct 23 2014 8:59pm CDT | Source: EUobserver.com

Most EU leaders on Thursday criticised Russia’s non-compliance with peace accords in Ukraine, but Italy called for re-engagement ...
Source: EUobserver.com   Full article at: EUobserver.com


5 days ago

Report: Total CEO's plane almost escaped crash

Oct 23 2014 12:01pm CDT | Source: Townhall's

MOSCOW (AP) — The plane carrying a top French oil executive and a crew of three was already in the air when it grazed a snowplow, just failing to... ...
Source: Townhall's   Full article at: Townhall's


5 days ago

AP Interview: Russia's Navalny vows to fight Putin

Oct 23 2014 8:00am CDT | Source: Townhall's

MOSCOW (AP) — Alexei Navalny is in bare feet, dressed in blue jeans and a checkered shirt, as he opens the door to hi ...
Source: Townhall's   Full article at: Townhall's


6 days ago

Russian prosecutors detain four more suspects in Total CEO plane crash

Oct 23 2014 12:36am CDT | Source: Townhall's

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian prosecutors have detained four more Moscow airport workers over a plane crash which killed ...
Source: Townhall's   Full article at: Townhall's


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