Malaysian enslaved in London reunites with sister

London, Nov 30 — One of the three women enslaved by a couple for 30 years in a London house after joining a Left-wing sect has now reunited with her elder sister, a media report said.

Aishah Wahab, 69, finally met her elder sister, a retired teacher, Kamar Mahtum, 73, Thursday night after Mahtum flew into London from Malaysia Nov 27, the Daily Mail Online said.

Mahtum brought a letter begging Aishah to return to Malaysia, and be a part of her life again.

Mautum, who flew into Heathrow from Kuala Lampur, was also carrying documents to prove that she was the sister of Wahab.

“In our family’s ups and downs in life, we always thought that it would have been a very great difference if you had been there,” Mahtum was quoted as saying.

“All of us are waiting with love and hope. We love you Aishah,” she said.

The couple who held the three women including Wahab captive for 30 years was arrested in Brixton last week.

Wahab, who went missing in London in the early seventies after becoming a member of a communist collective, was rescued from a flat in Brixton in south London along with two other women, a 57-year-old from Ireland and a 30-year-old British national.

The women were rescued by a charity called Freedom Charity led by Indian-origin Aneeta Prem, earlier this month. The man who held them captive was identified as Aravindan Balakrishnan, an India-born far-Left leader, who acted with the support of his partner from Tanzania, Chanda.

Wahab is believed to have suffered a stroke while in captivity.

According to the report, Wahab won a Commonwealth scholarship to study in Britain and moved to London in 1968 with her fiance Omar Munir, but soon became involved in extremist politics.

She is believed to have fallen under the spell of Aravindan Balakrishnan and his partner Chanda.

Wahab is reported to have broken her engagement after getting attracted to Left politics, dramatically throwing her engagement ring into the Thames.


Source: IANS

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