Democratic Congressional Candidate Matt Fecteau's Statement on the Situation in Ukraine

Pawtucket, RI, April 30, 2014 –(– Statement from Representative Cicilline’s Democratic Congressional Opponent Matt Fecteau:

“I am thankful Representative Cicilline has arrived safely back from Ukraine. I visited Ukraine last year and Russia three times the same year. I specialize in National Security issues, have a master’s degree in International Relations – National Security Policy, have friends in both countries including their governments, am a member of the armed forces, and worked briefly as a military intern on President Obama’s National Security Council.

“I wholeheartedly condemn Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. The US must do everything reasonable to contain and marginalize it on the world stage. While Russia’s actions are concerning, Russia is a regional power and not a significant threat to the US. The best way to contain Russia is to use multilateral sanctions, bump up energy exports to our allies temporarily, implement a renewable portfolio standard, and adopt either a carbon tax or emissions trading. A combination of the aforementioned would seriously undercut Russia’s main economy lifeline: crude oil and natural gas.

“In addition, I welcome the new Republican challenger into the race; however, I am increasingly concerned with many of the statements he made with regards to Syria and Ukraine. We must do everything reasonable in our power to respond to crises, but we cannot afford another Iraq war.

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