Hillary Clinton Run for President goes Viral beating SNL's Version

SNL’s cold open on Saturday was a very entertaining parody of Hillary Clinton‘s announcement to run for President of the United States. As expected, Hillary Clinton made the announcement on Sunday on Twitter. She kicked of her campaign with a video titled “Getting Started.” So far the video has reach 2 million views. Hillary Clinton says in the video that she is running for president because everyday Americans need a champion, and she wants to be that champion.


Clearly Hillary Clinton wants to connect with “normal” people. At the end of the video Hillary Clinton appears to make her announcement. The #Hillary2016 hashtag was the top trending Twitter hashtag shortly after the announcement on Sunday.

So far she is off to a good start with a viral video at hand. The hilarious SNL video is definitely more supporting her than hurting. On Youtube the SNL Presidential announcement reached a million views so far. 

SNL’s Hillary Clinton aka Kate McKinnon is hilarious in portraying Clinton. The Saturday Night Cold open is one of the best in a while. Bill Clinton aka “Daryl Hammond” also appears in the skit. He drops lines like if there had been phones that could record video in the 90’s he would be in jail.




Hillary Clinton is on her way to Iowa for small scale events on Tuesday and Wednesday. She is making it to Iowa in a van enabling her to meet people along the way, like the family below.



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