Hillary Clinton Talks SCOTUS Nominees

Hillary Clinton, if elected, will only approve Supreme Court nominees that will overturn Citizen United, The Washington Post reports from a meeting with campaign donors. This comes despite the fact that her campaign is made possible by that very ruling: Citizens United, which came to life in 2010, turned corporations and PACS into people, making their unlimited campaign donations into speech. The funds that Hillary receives has been a sticking point for many Conservative Groups.

The Post says at a gathering in Brooklyn, Clinton told a group of her biggest fundraisers that she “would not name anybody to the Supreme Court unless she has assurances that they would overturn,” according to a person who was there. 

The irony with the entire situation is that Citizens United has made more of a difference for Hillary Clinton than any other candidate. Last year, the Center for Public Integrity pointed out that the super PACs made possible by the ruling had already started working for Clinton’s campaign, long, long before she’d even announced she was running:

“Consider that the Ready for Hillary super PAC has already raised millions of dollars from tens of thousands of donors and plans to transfer its unparalleled resources to a future Clinton campaign machine. Another super PAC, the previously pro-Barack Obama Priorities USA Action that raised more than $79 million during the last election cycle, has begun transitioning into a Clinton shadow operation.

This, for a presidential candidate in Clinton who’s not yet one — and may not be for a year or more, if she runs at all.”

Ready for Hillary did run into some trouble and changed their name, but the problems might linger deep into Clinton’s campaign. No matter what she does, it will be picked apart by Republicans – however, there isn’t much for them to say here because they use the money as well.

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