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Mitt Romney brushes off Bain Capital criticisms
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Mitt Romney brushes off Bain Capital criticisms

Jul 6 2012, 5:00am CDT | by

Says attacks are deflecting the real issues

It seems that Barack Obama's new modus operandi on the campaign trail is to attack his rival's history at Bain Capital. Obama is using that as a way to paint Romney as someone who loves firing people...

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Mitt Romney brushes off Bain Capital criticisms

Jul 6 2012, 5:00am CDT | by

Says attacks are deflecting the real issues

It seems that Barack Obama's new modus operandi on the campaign trail is to attack his rival's history at Bain Capital. Obama is using that as a way to paint Romney as someone who loves firing people and is out of touch with the average American. But Romney isn't paying it any serious attention.

In a CBS News interview, Romney was asked about the Obama attack strategy and replied, "He's in a real tough spot. He's grasping at any kind of straw he can find. And the reality is the American people can make their own assessment of whether the economy has gotten better under President Obama or not. We have now 8.2 percent unemployment in America."

It is true that while heading up Bain, Romney was the man responsible for damaging numerous companies and ultimately resulting in the loss of employment for hundreds of people.

But many of these companies were already struggling and probably would have faced similar fates with or without Bain's involvement. And on the other side of the coin, many other companies were saved by Bain and turned into successful entities.

"I've laid out what I'd do to get this economy going. And as long as I continue to speak about the economy, I'm gonna win. I'm not just not going to grab at the attacks he throws out there [and] spend all my time talking about that. Because in the final analysis, people want to know who's the president that will make my life better and keep America strong," Romney said.

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